Ironically, they used it as a laxative too! I was so disappointed. This will help you relax, unwind and get a good night’s rest – allowing your body to heal and recuperate. Today, you can find spikenard as an essential oil. Obamacare So it can help relieve your scalp of any dryness or redness that might lead to or cause dandruff. Shop for 100% pure, natural and organic aromatherapy oils. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Spikenard Essential Oil - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Spikenard Oil - 60ml at Its aroma is earthy and suggestive of the roots it is distilled from. If Your Engine Oil Smells Like This, You Have a Serious Problem, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. However, having smelled raw, natural spikenard root once before, I can say that it’s really more earthy than anything else. You can therefore eliminate the cause of the problem, not only treat the symptoms. Results have also shown that the oil is quite effective in maintaining hair color. Spikenard Essential Oil can be used for many things, including helping your muscles, skin, or constipation. When you are calm, your muscles are more pliable. Therefore, consuming it in larger amounts might cause loose stool. It’s primarily focused on opening your pelvic and heart chakra. physis Because this oil comes from the root, it will help us be more grounded and present. Since then, I’ve always kept at least one vial in my house at any given time. Hyssop Gift this product Do you feel this product is perfect for a friend or a loved one? Be sure to wash your face gently with warm water before applying the oil. Beyond its natural healing qualities, spikenard is very versatile. Mary's fragrant oil of spikenard was a rare, imported product in Israel. For centuries, people have deemed spikenard oil a highly valuable commodity. It helps to relieve the body and mind of stress and anxiety. John the Baptist So, what does it smell like? Spikenard has laxative properties. United States It’s an essential oil that is readily available and affordable. Curious about the best way to utilize spikenard oil’s relaxing properties? This literally translates to ‘Sweet Pine’, which is also a good indicator of its scent. Spikenard goes by many names. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Indian Spikenard or Jatamansi herb could have been the only one used to medicate and perfume the ointment or scented oil that anointed the feet of Jesus, or it could have been combined and enhanced with other sweet smelling fragrances, like those of Cinnamon and Cardamom.  You see, like Valerian root, Jatamansi or Indian Spikenard has a very heavy, musky odor that is, by itself, not that pleasant.  But when combined with other aromatic herbs and spices, its strong musky odor has the property of being a fixative, or an aromatic ingredient that strengthens the odor, strength and staying power of the other aromatic ingredients in the ointment.  In return, these other sweet smelling aromatic herbs and spices transform the strong odor of the Jatamansi or Indian Spikenard into something much more pleasant. Free shipping and handling for United States addresses only. For example, our teens years. A native plant of the Himalayan mountains in India, Tibet and Bhutan, it was used in traditional medicines and cosmetic products for centuries. (They’re creatures which have a very similar hair growth patterns to us, as strange as it may sound.) In Aromatherapy, it is well known that natural fragrances and essential oils have a powerful effect on the mind and Spirit.  This is because the sense of smell is our most primitive sense; anatomically, the nasal chambers lie directly beneath the frontal lobes of the brain, affecting the latter by their sheer proximity.  Powerful fragrances also have the ability to awaken long lost memories and emotional associations, which can be either pleasant or unpleasant, depending upon the particulars of the aroma, and its associations in the individual’s past.  As proof of the ability of scents and aromas to exert a powerful effect on the mind and consciousness, not only within the human species, but in other species as well, we need only think of how cats go crazy for Catnip. Being at peace is an essential part of feeling centered. Indian Spikenard does indeed have a strong fragrance or aroma, and a musky odor quite similar to that of the more common Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis), but rather more pleasant, while still being earthy and woodsy.  It also has similar sedating and relaxing qualities, but according to Indian Ayurvedic medicine, whereas Valerian is more Tamasic in nature, and dulling to the higher mental and spiritual faculties and perceptions, Jatamansi does not have these drawbacks.  Instead, it is a mood elevator and enhancer that calms anxiety and heals emotional and psychological trauma and pain.  Its calming, soothing and mood elevating qualities were used to help Jesus prepare himself spiritually for his upcoming ordeal on the cross, and his subsequent death and resurrection. Rating: Not quite sure how I feel about spikenard yet aroma-wise., — Parker Meditation (@MeditateinColo) March 4, 2017. *Offer expires 7/1/19. Constipation 3. You're free to manage this via your browser setting at any time. This means you can use it as a base ingredient to mix with other oils. Yes, aromatic medicinal substances such as Spikenard Oil are legendary, and have a long history of use in medicine, both ancient and modern.  In the ancient world, the Egyptians were especially famous for their use of aromatics, both in perfumery and in medicine, and in the embalming of their mummies.  The Spice Trade between Europe and Asia that went through the Middle East and along the Silk Road was not just for gourmet cooking use, but more importantly for medicinal use, and many old medicinal formulas contain many aromatic herbs and spices as ingredients.  Just about every balm, unguent, ointment or aromatic substance that you can find in the Bible, or in other hallowed scriptures or manuscripts from antiquity can be traced down and found today with enough patience and persistence, as well as the proper insight and guidance to discern its true identity. Spikenard is a plant that dates back thousands of years. The ancient Ayurvedic healing systems focused on treating the body in terms of mental and lasting psychological issues. As an essential oil, spikenard is easily blendable. Yet recently I received a small vial of the stuff as a gift. However, spikenard mainly smells like a super-charged vetiver, all earthy and rooty, with some pungent spiciness, a little bit of a patchouli-like note, and some floral notes, with slight variations depending on which type it is. Pregnant women should stay away from spikenard essential oil. Unlike many room deodorizers, spikenard essential oil is not loaded with synthetic scents, which may cause allergies or headaches. Its was often used by nobility in the creation of perfumes and to flavor food dishes. For example, there’s Himalayan spikenard and even American spikenard (also know as Aralia racemosa). This year it has been difficult to get a high quality spikenard oil. As such, you’ll hear of different types of spikenard. Superfood I don't This is the most effective means of producing essential oils. You can mix it with other ingredients like cinnamon and cardamon to make it more pleasant. Benefits Of Spikenard Essential Oil For Hair, Benefits Of Spikenard Essential Oil For Skin, Spikenard Essential Oil For Spiritual Use, It can potentially cause skin irritations. It is indigenous to the highlands of northern India, China, and Japan. From this passage, we know that the Spikenard oil or ointment was very costly, was very fragrant and aromatic, and that Jesus’ feet were anointed with it as a kind of ritual to prepare him for his burial, and the ordeal on the cross that he would shortly face.  The whole episode presages Jesus’ impending crucifixion, death and resurrection. So, it’s not an oil that I would necessarily use for perfume, but instead, I would focus on its therapeutic uses. Dr. Andrew Weil Spikenard essential oil comes from the the Nardostachys jatamansi plant. Thyme However, this is not the only plant that goes by the common English name of Spikenard.  There is American Spikenard (Aralia racemosa), which is a close botanical relative of Ginseng.  Similarly, American Spikenard has adaptogenic and energy tonic properties like Ginseng, and helps the body’s immune system to throw off colds and respiratory infections as well, but its medicinal and therapeutic properties are far removed from those of Indian Spikenard.  American Spikenard is moderately aromatic, but not nearly to the same degree as Indian Spikenard.  This is just one example of how common English names for medicinal herbs can be misleading. A common vernacular name for both kinds of Valerian, Indian and otherwise, is Musk Root – a name which is due to its strong, musky odor.  True Musk, however, comes from the scent gland of the Musk Deer, which is also highly valued, both as a perfume and as a medicine.  Substances which are strongly aromatic, such as Musk, have the medicinal ability to revive and resuscitate consciousness, much as Sal Ammoniac or Smelling Salts were used at the turn of the previous century.  These super aromatic substances, like Musk and Camphor, also have the ability to penetrate and open the vital and sensory channels and orifices in heart and circulatory conditions, as well as convulsions and seizures, when skillfully used and combined with other medicinal herbs. The plant grows wild and is occasionally cultivated in India, China and Japan. Carob Limit 1 promotion per household. Migraines In addition, spikenard essential oil is thought to help destr… Spikenard oil is distilled from the roots of plant. Fluctuations in hormone levels can often lead to an over-stimulation of our sebum glands. λιτραν (litran) , the original Greek word of Latin origin that is translated "a litra ," means a Roman pound, which is equivalent to 329 grams (11.6 ounces), which is just a bit smaller/lighter … Just complete the following form and you’ll be on your way to receiving your free Maple Holistics product! Ayurvedic medicine I can understand why it has been used as a culinary spice since it has a little bit of a cumin-like scent. Ah, the wonder of spikenard! Treating your acne actually starts with calming and soothing your emotions. But to others it may not smell … Don't be fooled by other suppliers who only refer to the legally required 3% portion! Aloes Spikenard essential oil is different than many other oils you might be familiar with. With regards to the previous paragraph, spikenard is also a natural sedative. Depression 5. This is a time when our hormones are thrust into a stormy sea of perpetual ups and downs. THE MARCH OF MEDICAL PROGRESS – BUT TO WHERE. Take a look at the Good Scents Company page on spikenard oil and you’ll see a description of the refined version. Therefore, stretching them has less chance of leading to long-term damage. Diffuse a few drops in an oil diffuser to improve your mood and help you calm down, or add some to a lotion so you can massage it into your abdomen for regulating your menstrual cycle or for … Spikenard, also called nard, nardin, and muskroot, is a class of aromatic amber-colored essential oil derived from Nardostachys jatamansi, a flowering plant of the … Spikenard, also called nard, nardin, and muskroot, is a class of aromatic amber-colored essential oil derived from Nardostachys jatamansi, a flowering plant in the honeysuckle family which grows in the Himalayas of Nepal, China, and India. This helps your body prepare for the coming changes and fluctuations you’ll be experiencing. Our dilution is specifically formulated to be perfect for use as a botanical perfume, or anointing uses. Avicenna The dried roots are steam distilled in India or in Europe or the U.S.A. tsca definition Spikenard has been described as creating a sense of ‘surrender’ in users. The ancient Egyptians used it as a main ingredient in creating fragrances for beautification purposes. The Romans used it to flavor dishes. It’s also good to mix spikenard oil with a carrier oil rather than applying undiluted spikenard oil to your skin. The soothing smell will calm you down and release small amounts of dopamine. The scent of Spikenard is sometimes described as woody, spicy, and musty. It is a rich fragrance that is both sweet and earthy. You should therefore test it out on a small patch of skin before using on the rest of your body. And there is concern that this oil can be damaging to people who suffer from epilepsy. In Chinese, the spikenard goes by Gan Song. Although we just brushed up on the benefits of spikenard essential oil, are there any downsides to it? The rhizome and root. It is most likely not in the same form as it was used back in Biblical times as modern distillation processes were not existent (although Hatchet makes a good case that the Indians had a primitive form of distillation that they used to produce the nard ointment/oil). The oil has been used over centuries as a perfume, a traditional medicine, or in religious … Shop for 100% pure, natural and organic aromatherapy oils. This, coupled with the added stress that comes from simply being a teenager, often takes its toll on our skin. And from both my research as well as customer reviews, I can tell you that it is very effective. This way, it can build up reserves that help to restore damage-done stress. We are not looking to solicit fake reviews. Then saith one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, which should betray him, “Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor?” This he said, not that he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and had the bag, and bare what was put therein. I love it's deep earthy complex aroma. A heavy and earthy odour. Then said Jesus, “Let her alone: against the day of my burying hath she kept this.  For the poor always ye have with you; but me ye have not always.”,                                 John 12: 1 – 8. Which part of the plant provides the oil? Spikenard Oil is derived from the roots of Nardostachys Jatamansi. Omar Said It smells like mothballs and camphor. For this reason, many people like to infuse spikenard essential oil, using it as a room deodorizer. However, in everyday, contemporary life, spikenard still has a valuable role. Many companies choose to collect five star reviews from those who have never even used their products. You need to make your body rest and ensure that you get enough sleep. Garden Rocket Arrugala They are constantly altering the chemical balance of our young, growing bodies. #Spikenard oil is commonly used to promote relaxation with its musty, woodsy scent. Any natural remedy that’s lasted this long is clearly going to be around for a lot longer. Quite often, we will try to treat skin-related issues, such as acne, solely from the outside. Nature’s path is the only true path in attaining a sense of higher peace and balance. Dandruff 4. If patchouli smells like a warmer dirt-earthy scent, this Spikenard in comparison smells damp and dank like a herpetology store.. think like the stores that sell turtles, pacman frogs and fish. I like to keep a bottle of Spikenard essential oil on hand for everyday use. Another interesting property of aromatic medicinal substances is that they are antiseptic, helping the body to fight off infections and sepsis from pathogenic bacteria and microbes.  The way that early healers  discovered this property was very direct and experiential.  They saw that putrefactions and sepsis, whether occurring inside the body or outside of it, as in spoiled or rotten food, invariably produced a foul, rotten odor; for a woman, a good example would be a vaginal yeast infection.  What better way to fight a rotten smelling infection than with sweet smelling aromatic substances? Menstrual cramps 6. We like to keep things simple. Healing herbs People highly valued the oil during the Egyptian and Roman empires due to its rarity. It’s safe to use around my kids and pets Republicans What does spikenard essential oil smell like? Spikenard does not smell like a sweet perfume that has been advertised and sold in many book and gift stores. What Does Spikenard Oil Smell Like? The Indian Spikenard ointment that anointed the feet of Jesus had a relaxing, loosening and antispasmodic action to soothe pain, relax sore, tired muscles, and to help him let go of his suffering and attachment to the physical body and its inevitable traumas in preparation for the transformation and metamorphosis that he was about to undergo.  Topically, the essence of the Spikenard penetrated into his muscles and tendons, and aromatically, its scent had a soothing, relaxing, mood elevating effect on Jesus. And nobility treasured it throughout the ages. For those who do yoga regularly, burning spikenard as an incense whilst practicing is very relaxing. The natural antiseptic contained in spikenard mean that it works well as an active ingredient in any homemade shampoo.